Vita – Ulrike Liebsch

Vita Ulrike Liebsch

born in Greiz/ Thüringen, Germany

secondary school leaving certificate, no admission to the „extended secondary school“ (high school) by virtue of not State-conforming attitude (later political rehabilitation as „persecuted student of the GDR regime “)

since 1982
autodidactic artistic work

studies at catholic technical college for social pedagogy Erfurt, later active as child worker in the church service in Leipzig

Birth of the first, 1989 of the second, 1997 of the third daughter

since 1990
active membership in various Leipzig art circles, confrontation with landscape, portrait and nude studies in drawing, etching, painting

extra occupational training in rhythmic education with certificate at sociocultural educational center Leipzig, active at cabinet for music teaching Leipzig: “rhythmic and early musical education”

since 1992
meditation, yoga and dance practice that influences work

since 1992
full and part time activity with development and management of several social and art educational projects in Leipzig:

- citizen club Leipzig- Lindenau e.V. (coordination and project work)

- support group of single parents e.V. (art pedagogy)

- neighborhoodscool Leipzig e.V. (public relations and project work)


college for graphic and book art (“HBG”) Leipzig: education in painting/graphic (evening academy) at Christel Maria Göthner, Gudrun Petersdorff, Johannes Eckardt


certified additional education in creativity training at committee for psychoanalytical art therapy („APAKT“) Munich


since 1999
living in the Allgäu, south of Germany


full-time and freelance projects and jobs as artist, creativity mentor, social worker, art therapist / therapist for body and self-awareness, for example at/with: 

- “the bark”, Kempten

- community college Oberallgäu, Sonthofen

- family center “Rockzipfel”

- Albert- Schweitzer- School, Johann- Althaus- School, Main School Sonthofen

- primary school Burgberg

- Agnes- Wyssach- School and Astrid- Lindgren- School Kempten

- Network of Child Protection Agency, Immenstadt

- Catholic childcare, Girl groups and single parent groups Sonthofen

- working group „girls“, Kempten 

- district youth ring Oberallgäu

- „Weltenraum“ Sonthofen

- culture workshop Sonthofen

- pianist Otto Lichtner, Kempten 

- culture workshop Sonthofen

- exist help for disabled people Sonthofen

- representative migration & integration, Miriam Duran, district Oberallgäu 



- Private Clinic for Psychosomatics „Stillachhaus“, Oberstdorf 

- „Panorama Specialist Clinic“ for Psychosomatics, Scheidegg

- „Alpenhof“, anthroposophic mother, father and child clinic, Rettenberg

- Helios Clinic of Psychosomatics, Bad Grönenbach

 (there especially intensive cooperation and further education in a multi-professional
 team, in addition to art therapy also co- and leadership of groups in body therapy,
 Bonding psychotherapy and Training Emotional Literacy

- „Project Learning to Live Together“, Bregenz


Self-employment in „Atelier Kunst-T-Raum“, Sonthofen:

- Conducting courses and projects in art and creativity training

- Further development of the own artistic activity in free painting

(increasingly influenced by the confrontation with the archetypes of the human soul in
inner images, dreams, fairy tales and myths)


diverse regional exhibitions, for example at „Der Gartenbaur“ Sonthofen, „Bestvent“ Immenstadt, „Seidensticker“ Sonthofen


Additional training „Therapeutic discussion according to Rogers“ with psychotherapist Hans Trapp, Munich, as part of a further education at the Anthroposophical Free Academy Munich („FAM“) 


Participation in the movement theater „Impulse“, Oberallgäu

reiki master training Munich/Oberallgäu 

Extra-occupational certified training „Systemic action in case of sexual violence against children, child neglect and child abuse in families“

 in the context of the child protection association Immenstadt with family therapist Anna-Angelika Dibbern, Cologne


Part-time study „Art Therapy“ with state-approved degree at the Institute of Art and Therapy („IKT“) Munich in cooperation with the University of Art Therapy („HKT“) Nürtingen (promoted as political rehabilitation for „persecuted students of the GDR regime“)


Further education „Psychopathology“ at the Institute for Art and Therapy („IKT“) Munich

since 2009
Further education / self-experience seminars with Dr.Sylvester Walch, Oberstdorf, in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Holotropic Breathing / Working with Inner Images)

since 2012
in education as „Trainer for emotional literacy“ with Dr. Hartmut Oberdieck and Dr. Michael Epple, Workshop Emotional Literacy, DGEK 

2013/ 2014
Training in the context of clinical activity in „Bonding psychotherapy“ and „Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” (MBSR) after J. Kabat-Zinn

2017/ 2017
Certified training „Coaching with art therapeutic tools“ with Regina Lord at the Institute of Art and Therapy („IKT“) Munich

since 2017

Atelier for free shaping
creativity training & process support

88239 Wangen
Käferhofen 25


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